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Power outage and loss of access to ocean color data and services on 22/23 June 2018

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:43 am America/New_York
by genecarlfeldman
we have just learned that there is going to be a major facility upgrade
to the building at the nasa/goddard space flight center in which the
ocean biology processing group is located and for safety reasons, ALL
power to our portion of the building will be turned off for most of
saturday, 23 june.  although all of our systems are connected to a large
uninterrupted power system (ups), the duration of the planned power
outage is much longer than our ups was designed to handle. 
consequently, we will begin a graceful power down of all of our services
starting on friday evening. 22 june.  ALL web, data distribution and
e-mail services to our project will be unavailable until we are able to
bring our systems back on line after the power to the building has been
restored. the current plan is for the power to be restored to the
building at approximately 6pm eastern time (2300 utc) on saturday and we
anticipate it may take several hours after that time to have all of our
systems back online.  of course, any delays for the return of the
electrical power or issues with the recovery of our systems could delay
the return to full operations.  we will be posting a follow-up
reminder/announcement later in the week when we have received the final
notification that the power outage has been authorized.  we apologize
for this inconvenience but because of the nature of work that is being
planned, it is imperative for the safety of the workers that all power
to the room where the work is going to be performed is cut off.

best regards,


Power outage and loss of access to ocean color data and services on 22/23 June 2018

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:29 am America/New_York
by genecarlfeldman
we just received the notification that due to a conflict with other activities, the scheduled power outage for this friday/saturday, June 22/23 (described below) to install a generator has been postponed until further notice.  once they decide when they will be able to reschedule the work, we will provide as much advance notice as possible and any additional details.  sorry for the inconvenience and best regards,