OLCI data peocessing

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OLCI data peocessing

by avmehta » Fri Mar 26, 2021 11:39 am America/New_York

I am using gpt with OLCI images. I assume that when there are no multiple images, available single image is added to the larger grid specified. Occasionally I see that in the resulting file there is a line appears where no samples are counted! This feature is not seen in the original image. Please see the attached images.
Thanks much.
The right most image is the original L2 image and the middle one is from gpt
The right most image is the original L2 image and the middle one is from gpt
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OB SeaDAS - knowles
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Re: OLCI data peocessing

by OB SeaDAS - knowles » Tue Mar 30, 2021 1:22 pm America/New_York

Hi Amita,

You would need to tell us a lot more for us to understand what you are doing. Judging by the faint semi-transparent compass pattern at the top left of your image it looks like you are doing a screenshot of bands viewed within the GUI.

I do see a dashed line. Based on the Chesapeake Bay scene, that appears consistent with being a meridian (longitude) line.

If you are seeing some other line of missing data, then it could be a screen mapping artifact which would be resolved by zooming in/out or zooming to data/screen pixel matching resolution. The "P" button in the Navigation Controls window.

Note: the best way to export an image is not a screenshot of the GUI window. If you right-click on the image you can then select "Export Image". This tool enables you to not be limited by the monitor resolution.

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