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GCMD Keyword Forum Transitions To The New Earthdata Forum

Posted: Wed May 19, 2021 7:46 am America/New_York
by GCMD - tstevens
Thank you for your continued support of the Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) Keyword Forum. We are excited to announce that we have now transitioned to the Earthdata Forum. Please visit the Earthdata Forum to keep up with the latest news about keyword releases and system upgrades as well as make requests for new/updated keywords. Any general question about keywords may be posted in the forum. When posting in the forum, use the 'GCMD Keywords' tag under 'Services/Usage'. The good news is that if you already have an Earthdata Login account, you'll have ready access to the Earthdata Forum.

To ease the transition, the old forum, available at ... nity+Forum will still be available for approximately 6 months as reference only.

For more general information about the GCMD Keywords, please visit ... d-keywords