Problems to untar file with MODIS PAR L3 images

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Problems to untar file with MODIS PAR L3 images

by laurare » Wed Aug 04, 2021 1:52 pm America/New_York


last week I tried to download daily MODIS PAR l3 images from
I clicked on "extract or download l3 data" bottom to reduce the region and period of time. I got the order I wanted with the manifest.txt file, and I did the same as last time when I downloaded MODIS chla data with Python:

# Download PAR data
import wget
import tarfile

output_directory = '/Users/laurare/OneDrive -'

url = ' ... sted_files'

file =,output_directory)
tar =,'r:*')
tar.extractall(path = '/Users/laurare/OneDrive - -')

However, this time I couldn't open the tar file. I thought it may be a mac problem, so I asked a colleague to try in linux, then on ubuntu and I also tried using wget and tar on linux terminal instead of python. I even reduced the period of time, hoping that the problem was related with the size of the file, and nothing worked.
I also thought that I wasn't downloading the file properly and I tried to use the appkey:

url = ' ... 3bd4174e9f'

Any help is welcome. Thank you!


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