Rainfall and temperature data

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Rainfall and temperature data

by EarthdataForumContributor » Tue Apr 07, 2020 11:29 am America/New_York

Could you send me the data which Last 10 years rainfall and temperature
data for Ratnapura district, Colombo ?


ASDC - mcook
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Re: Rainfall and temperature data

by ASDC - mcook » Tue Apr 07, 2020 11:30 am America/New_York

Thank you for contacting us with an interest in meteorological data.

Here are instructions for accessing/downloading meteorological data.

Solar and meteorological parameters can be accessed in the POWER web site via the Data Access Viewer (DAV) https://power.larc.nasa.gov/data-access-viewer/. When the DAV page opens you may click the “Access Data” box and/or check the “Do not show ...” box to avoid loading the splash Page on subsequent visits.
1. In the DAV page that is now visible, in Section 1 select "SSE-Renewable Energy" or "Sustainable Buildings" or "Agroclimatology".
2. Section 2. Select "Daily", or "Interannual, or Climatology.
3. Section 3. Enter the site latitude and longitude.
4. In Section 4, Select the Time Extent (Enter Start time and End time).
5. In Section 5, Select Output File Format of your choice.
6. In Section 6, Select Folders; Meteorology(Moisture and other) and Meteorology (Temperature).
The parameters that are available for the Select User Community and Time Extent are listed in Parameters Folders. Each folder can be opened by clicking on the intersection of the horizontal and vertical branch associated with each folder. Individual data parameters are selected/deselected by clicking on each parameters or all parameters in a folder can be selected/deselected by clicking on the folder itself.
7. Click the “Submit” button in Section 7. The resulting page will provide time series plots of the selected data parameters. To download data in the previously selected format click the appropriate box under the "Output Files".

A new users guide (https://power.larc.nasa.gov/data-access ... _GUIDE.pdf)
You may also download all data parameters using API calls described at https://power.larc.nasa.gov/docs/v1/.

The methodology documentation (https://power.larc.nasa.gov/docs/methodology/) includes updated definitions and parameter uncertainty information derived using surface measurements.

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