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Provisional HLS Version 1.5

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 2:25 pm America/New_York
by LP DAAC - afriesz
Data products from the HLS version 1.5 collection are consider provisional. What does it mean when a data product is provisional?

Re: Provisional HLS Version 1.5

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 2:40 pm America/New_York
by LP DAAC - afriesz
The HLS version 1.5 collection has been labeled as provisional because the data products continue to go through incremental product improvements and have not yet been validated for their science quality. These data should not be used in science research or applications. HLS version 1.5 will soon be replaced by a new version that will meet science quality standards. However, by making these provisional data products available, the science community has a unique opportunity to provide feedback on the data prior to a vetted, science quality, data release. Users are encouraged to submit feedback or questions to the LP DAAC User Services or post to the Earthdata Forum.

Re: Provisional HLS Version 1.5

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2020 4:57 pm America/New_York
by spkearney
Do you know if there is any estimated date for when the 'science-quality' dataset will be made available? Also, I see on EarthData that while there is very little provisional data available prior to October 2020, the provisional dataset appears to be complete (every 2-3 days) starting in October 2020. Do you know if the plan is to continue providing this provisional data stream going forward until the new 'science-quality' data is available?

Any info you have is much appreciated! Thank you.

Re: Provisional HLS Version 1.5

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2021 9:49 am America/New_York
by lien
The plan right now is April for the V2.0 science quality stuff and yes they will continue to process up until a release date is set in stone for the provisional stuff. The only caveat being I'm not sure how spotty that might be..................we have had them dump data at one time quite often into our test environment and I would anticipate it may come in like that for a bit. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Re: Provisional HLS Version 1.5

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 12:28 pm America/New_York
by LP DAAC - afriesz
Adding to @lien's comments... The HLS team and the LP DAAC are targeting a spring 2021 release for the official 'science-quality' S30 and L30 data products. The target timeframe may shift pending science reviews and any changes in production code.

Provisional data streams (S30 currently; L30 beginning ~ January 2021) will continue until the official 'science-quality' data products are made available.

Re: Provisional HLS Version 1.5

Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2021 6:55 am America/New_York
by sidharth94
Hi , thank you for this amazing dataset!

I would be glad if anyone could clarify why in this dataset there are 2 images per date?
I have also seen the same pattern in AWS Sentinel-2 L2A COGs too.

Is there some difference between the images? They do seem to have slightly different timestamps in the hour and minutes part.

Thank you in advance ! :)