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DAAC Data Recipes

Posted: Tue Oct 27, 2020 1:42 pm America/New_York
by asdc_user_services
This page provides links to the Data Recipe resources (also called How-To or Tutorials) available from Earthdata Forum member DAACs. The titles below the link for each DAAC are examples of the topics covered. The number in brackets indicate the total number of available resources covering additional topics. For an introduction on how to use the Forum please view our recorded webinar:
YouTube Link:

  • CDDIS [51]
    • Where can I find the list of satellite identifiers for SP3 orbit files?
    • What is the RINEX format for GNSS data?
    • How can I access products derived from GLONASS data?
    • Where can I find out more about SLR and LLR?
    • How can I access VLBI data?
    • How can I access DORIS data?
  • GES DISC [63]
    • How to download a spatial and variable subset of Level 1B data using OPeNDAP
    • How to calculate greenhouse gas growth rates
    • How to convert a netCDF file to a GRIB1 file using CDO
    • How To Plot Horizontal and Vertical Slices of Swath Data with Python Using GPM_2ADPR
    • How to Subset Level-2 Data
  • GHRC [11]
    • OTD Lightning Flash Location Quickview using Python 3.0 and GIS
    • ISS LIS Lightning Flash Location Quickview using Python 3.0 and GIS
    • LANCE NRT AMSR2 L2B Global Swath Rain Ocean Data Quickview using Python and GIS