Ocean Color Research Team Meeting 2004

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Ocean Color Research Team Meeting 2004

by genecarlfeldman » Fri Jan 30, 2004 9:52 am America/New_York

Members of the Ocean Color Community,

         The dates of NASA's Ocean Color Research Team Meeting will be 14-16 April 2004, in Washington, D.C., USA.

   I am reviewing two possible venues next week, and will let you know more location details then.  A formal meeting agenda will follow shortly.

         I encourage you to attend, as topics that require community discussion and input at this meeting include ocean biology and biogeochemistry climate data records, ocean color algorithm and data product selection, and the evolution of the individual ocean mission-based data processing systems to an integrated ocean measurement-based data processing system, as well as future NASA ocean color mission planning.

         Also: there will be an announcement on Monday, 2 February, by COB Washington, D.C. time from Gene Feldman at NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center that will provide an update on the items from my E-mail of 7 January2004.  The 7 January E-mail discussed NASA's Earth Science Enterprise evolution from missions to measurements in processing schemes, with the Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry program as the pilot.  Just as a reminder, near-term changes and goals include:

         - addition of MODIS processing capability into SeaDAS
         - compatible scaling, data formatting, and data projection forSeaWiFS and MODIS
         - reduction of the MODIS product suite into a few key parameters, including, but not limited to, water-leaving radiances (a full data product review for MODIS will involve the community within the next few months)
         - data distribution via the SeaWiFS and NPP-prototyping interface
         - near real-time data distribution for Aqua MODIS oceans data

         Hope to see you all at ASLO/TOS next month.

         Best wishes,

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