Ocean Color Working Groups

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Ocean Color Working Groups

by genecarlfeldman » Tue Jun 29, 2004 12:57 pm America/New_York

At the recent Ocean Color Research Team meeting, a process was outlined that would facilitate the formation of a number of working groups for specific measurements/data products/algorithms for ocean color.  I will allow some time for those who were unable to attend the OCRT Meeting to sign up for a working group, and I am sure more names will be added as things get rolling.

          For each group,  the following people (at random) have been designated to initiate a dialogue among their group by E-mail so each group can determine a Lead or Co-leads:

Particulate Organic Carbon - Arne Winguth ( amwinguth@wisc.edu)
Total Suspended Matter - Wilf Gardner ( wgardner@ocean.tamu.edu)
Primary Production - Mary-Elena Carr (co-lead: mec@pacific.jpl.nasa.gov)
CDOM - Steve Lohrenz ( steven.lohrenz@usm.edu)
AOPs, IOPs - Zhongping Lee (co-lead: zplee@nrlssc.navy.mil)
Chl-a - Janet Campbell ( janet.campbell@unh.edu)
Dissolved Organic Carbon - Dave Siegel ( davey@icess.ucsb.edu)
Particulate Inorganic Carbon - Barney Balch ( bbalch@bigelow.org)
Chl Fluorescence - Ricardo Letelier ( letelier@coas.oregonstate.edu)
Atmospheric Correction. - Menghua Wang ( wang@simbios.gsfc.nasa.gov)

        Once the Groups have identified this person (Lead) or persons (Co-leads), please notify me by E-mail.  Some working groups have already had personnel come forward and volunteer to lead a working group effort, and these people will be responsible for organizing that particular working group.  As subsequent Aqua/MODIS reprocessings are planned, each group should begin to discuss their respective data products or measurement, as well as selection and implementation of an algorithm for a data product.  Updates for the reprocessing will be posted on the NASA Ocean Color home page (http://oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov/).  I will be the at large lead for each working group, and I have added my name to each working group list.  Please remember that participation on a working group is not mandatory and membership is open to all PIs.

        The way I see this developing (and this is certainly open to discussion), is that I would like to see data product selection and working group formation (remember,  this is a dynamic list for both data products/measurement and working group participants and we can add/subtract/change this list as needed).  Then, within each working group (lead by the Lead or Co-leads) I would like the Lead or Co-Leads to set up a process for and initiate an algorithm round robin and discussion (with an initial focus on Aqua MODIS data).  The development of a data product/algorithm validation plan is central to algorithm assessment.  Next each Working Group can make an algorithm selection or recommendation for implementation (which can be based on SeaWiFS, MODIS, VIIRS data and subsequent respective reprocessed data).  Finally, when the time comes, the Group can undertake a discussion about Climate Data Records (CDRs), accuracies, etc.  Feedback from working groups can and should be posted on-line at the ocean color web page by opening a dialogue under the "Questions" tab (http://oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov/).  If we need to form sub-groups, particularly out of a large and diverse group such as the AOP/IOP group, we can do so.

        Thank you to all for your contribution to NASA's Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Program and the overall global ocean color effort.  I am looking forward to working with all of you.

        Please let me know if there are questions.


Dr. Paula Bontempi
Manager, Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Programs
Office of Earth ScienceCode YS
NASA Headquarters
300 E St. SW
Washington, D.C.  20546
Telephone:  202.358.1508
Facsimile:  202.358.2770
E-mail:  paula.s.bontempi@nasa.gov


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