Announcement: SeaDAS 4.8 now available

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Announcement: SeaDAS 4.8 now available

by obdaac_admin » Thu Jul 21, 2005 7:14 pm America/New_York

Announcement: SeaDAS 4.8 now available

Dear SeaDAS Users,

SeaDAS 4.8 is now available on our ftp site. In addition to the
release notes listed below, we would like to point out several
things about this release:

- There's lots of new stuff in this release! Most of the
processing programs have been updated, and many things
have been modified or restructured, including the user

- Processing MODIS and SeaWiFS data with SeaDAS will result in
identical products to those produced by the Ocean Color Group.

- We have not uploaded our software to the ftp mirror sites yet,
but will be working on this in the coming weeks. If you are
interested in this, keep an eye on our main web page for those
links, as we will post the links as they come online.


The SeaDAS Development Group

SeaDAS 4.8 - Release Notes (07/21/05)

Major Changes from SeaDAS 4.8:

* "SeaDAS-Lite" is now available (50MB download for the non-runtime version),
and includes all SeaDAS display and analysis features. To enable SeaDAS
processing, one 400MB file can be downloaded later.

* New MODIS Version 5 processing code for L0 to L1B processing.
This is the latest code available from MCST.

* New msl12 Version 5.2.0. New products were added, including the QAA
bio-optical model and spectral (iop-based) Kd algorithms of Z.P. Lee.
SeaWiFS Rrs normalization now using Thuillier solar irradiances to be
consistent with other sensors and SeaWiFS Reprocessing 5.1.

* MODIS L1B calibration parameters and default Level-2 processing parameters
have been updated to coincide with current MODIS/Aqua OBPG forward-stream
processing. Final changes related to the upcoming MODIS/Aqua Reprocessing 1.1
will be provided when this reprocessing takes place.

* SeaWiFS calibration parameters and default Level-2 processing parameters
have been updated to coincide with the SeaWiFS Reprocessing 5.1: ... WiFS/R5.1/

* The Ocean Color Group has switched to using Version 8 TOMS ozone data.
Users holding archives of ozone data may wish to update their TOMS ozone
data to Version 8, if you want to get the closest match between SeaDAS
processing output and Ocean Color data products. ... ozone.html

* New l2bin and l3bin programs replace spacebin and timebin. SeaDAS-
formatted MODIS and OCTS data can now be processed with l2bin, l3bin, and
smigen processing programs.

* MODIS Direct Broadcast data is now supported for all levels of processing
and display, including processing of granules of any length, and a user-
defined L0 start/stop-time adjustment feature. Many other new DB features
are planned for the first SeaDAS 4.8 update.

* MODIS processing GUIs and wrapper scripts are now robust and provide more
processing output messages and features (e.g. geolocation terrain elevation
correction, user-defined calibration LUTs).

* Automatic downloading of both Definitive and Real-time Attitude and
Ephemeris files for MODIS geolocation processing has been implemented.

* MODIS L1B binaries are now optimized on all platforms (previously only
Mac OS X was optimized).

* The runtime version of SeaDAS (with free IDL embedded license) is now
built using IDL 6.1, which includes improvements such as proper resizing
of display windows.

* Automatic navigation of generic HDF files with lat/lon SDS's has been

* A data minimum/maximum exclusion method has been added to the Arithmetic
Band Functions GUI and band_mean, band_diff, band_sum commands.
(Previously, ignore values were the sole exclusion method.)

* l1bgen has been renamed msl1bgen

* The SeaDAS offline help system included in the distribution has been
updated to match our new online help pages.


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