2007 NASA Ocean Color Research Team Meeting Update and Draft Agenda

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2007 NASA Ocean Color Research Team Meeting Update and Draft Agenda

by genecarlfeldman » Fri Mar 02, 2007 2:43 pm America/New_York

Members of the Ocean Color Community:

        Greetings.  Many of you have asked about the meeting web site and registration, as well as detailed logistics.  There have been some unexpected delays in getting the web site up and running.  I am told by the meeting contractors the web site should be up shortly, and registration will be open soon.  If you have field work coming up, please rest assured that on-site registration will be available.  I will send out a note when the web site is available.

        Let me provide the relevant details:

        The NASA Ocean Color Research Team Meeting will be held from 11-13 April in Seattle, Washington, USA.  The draft agenda is appended below, and is designed to provide updates on various aspects of the research program and on-going program planning.  There is also a focus in the talks this year on thinking about the future, the gaps in our knowledge base, new frontiers, and how NASA and the community plan for future measurements and research objectives.

        On the agenda:  there will likely be a few additions and subtractions for oral presentations, as NASA is still waiting for confirmation on attendance and presentations from a few invitees.  Speakers: please let me know if you would like any changes to your titles or affiliations, and please note the length of the speaking slot.  A final agenda will be posted a week or two prior to the meeting.  Posters are welcome, and you will be able to register these on-line shortly.

        A block of rooms is being held at the Hotel Monaco Seattle (<[url=http://www.monaco-seattle.com/><a class='url' href='http://www.monaco-seattle.com/]http://www.monaco-seattle.com/[/url]'>http://www.monaco-seattle.com/>http://www.monaco-seattle.com/</a>) under "Ocean Color Research Team" or "OCRT"  until 20 March 2007.  Please make your hotel reservations as soon as possible in order to guarantee the government rate.

        The meeting is open to all.  I hope to see you all in Seattle next month.

        Best wishes,


Dr. Paula Bontempi
Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Program Scientist
Science Mission Directorate - Mail Suite 3F71
NASA Headquarters
300 E St., SW
Washington, D.C.  20546
Telephone:  202.358.1508
Facsimile:  202.358.2770
E-mail:  paula.s.bontempi@nasa.gov

WED - 11 Apr 07

NASA Headquarters Update (TBD)
8:30-8:35       Welcome/Logistics - P. Bontempi/NASA HQ
8:35-9:00       Update from NASA Headquarters/NRC Decadal Survey - M. Freilich/NASA HQ
9:00-9:30       Program Update for NASA Ocean Biology & Biogeochemistry (Advance Planning/ROSES/Budget/OCB/ORION/SOCP/ORPP) - P. Bontempi/NASA HQ

Current and Future Projects, Data Policy Updates (TBD)
9:30-10:00      NPOESS Preparatory Project (NPP) and NPOESS Program Update - J. Gleason/NASA GSFC

10:00-10:20     BREAK

10:20-10:40     SeaWiFS, Aqua MODIS, Ocean Biology Processing Group Update - Chuck McClain/NASA GSFC     
10:40-11:10     Status of Terra MODIS Ocean Data + MODIS HiRes Bands for Ocean Remote sensing- Bryan Franz/NASA GSFC SSAI

11:10-11:20     Coastal Application Development in Chesapeake Bay - Jeremy Werdell/NASA GSFC/SSAI
11:20-11:40     Data Policy, In Situ Archive, Data Product Workshop Report - G. Fargion/SDSU
11:40-12:00     Use of Ocean Remote Sensing Data in GIS- D. Foley/NOAA PMEL
12:00-1:20    LUNCH - (TBD)

Vicarious Calibration and Validation Activities (TBD)
1:20-1:50       Current and Future Calibration and Validation Activities, Advance Planning and Future Round Robins - S. Hooker/NASA GSFC

1:50-2:10       On-going Vicarious Calibration Activities + AeroNet - Jeremy Werdell/NASA GSFC/SSAI
2:10-2:30       SORTIE  - K. Voss/Univ. of Miami
2:30-2:50       HPLC Fix Update - G. Fargion/SDSU
2:50-3:10       HPLC Processing, Progress, Uncertainties - Laurie VanHeukelem/UMD-HPL

3:10 - 3:30     BREAK

Advance Planning Discussion: (TBD)
3:30-4:00       Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Advance Planning: The Undiscovered World Report Overview - D. Siegel/UCSB

Next Steps - P. Bontempi/NASA HQ

4:00-4:30       Calibration Plan Overview - S. Hooker/NASA GSFC

Next Steps - P. Bontempi/NASA HQ

Time Series for Earth System Data Records
4:30-5:00       Ocean Color Time Series- W. Gregg/NASA GSFC
5:00-5:30       Ocean Color Time Series - S. Maritorena/UCSB

6:00-7:00       Poster Session/Cash Bar - TBD

THURS - 12 Apr 07

Advances in Modeling, Analysis, and Prediction
9:00 - 9:20      Modeling, Analysis, and Prediction Program Plans - D. Anderson/NASA HQ
9:20 - 9:40      Ecological Skill Assessment Workshop - Dennis McGillicuddy
9:40 - 10:10    Thoughts on the ECCO II Model - Mick Follows/MIT

10:10-10:30     BREAK

10:30-11:00     Seasonal Plankton Cycles in the Subpolar North Pacific and Atlantic Revisited/P. Schultz/Princeton Univ.

11:00-11:30     East Coast of the U.S. Carbon Modeling - M. Friedrichs/VIMS
11:30-12:00     Connections between ocean color and oceanic vertical exchange - A. Gnanadesikan/NOAA GFDL

12:00-1:15    LUNCH - (TBD)

New Frontiers for Ocean Observing: (TBD)
1:15-1:45       Perspectives on Observational Frontiers - R. Zaneveld/WetLabs, Inc.
1:45-2:15       APEX Floats - E. Boss/U. Maine
2:15-2:45       Gliders - M. J. Perry/U. Maine
2:45-3:15       CALIPSO work in ocean color - Y. Hu/NASA Langley

3:15-3:45   BREAK

Ocean Carbon, Biogeochemistry, and Interdisciplinary Research: (TBD)
3:45-4:15       CDOM on CLIVAR - N. Nelson/UCSB
4:15-4:45       Trichodesmium from SeaWiFS and Export Flux - T. Westberry/OSU
4:45-5:15       Net Community Production in the Southern Ocean - M. Bender/Princeton Univ.

5:15-6:00       IOCCG Town Hall (J. Yoder/IOCCG Chair/WHOI)

6:00-7:00       Poster Session (Plaza Foyer)

FRI - 13 Apr 07

Advances in Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry: (TBD)
8:30-9:00       Primary Production from Space - M. E. Carr/NASA JPL
9:00-9:30       Ocean-climate coupling: biological responses in the tropical Pacific during 1950-2005; modeling C:Chl ratio - W. Wang/Univ. of Maryland

9:30-10:00      Empirical algorithm for global chlorophyll: Is it really that bad? - Z. Lee/NRL

10:00-10:30     BREAK

10:30-11:00     Coral reef observations and modeling - L. Guild/NASA Ames or E. Hochberg/U. Hawaii
11:00-11:30     Eurasian Warming on Hydrography and Circulation of the Arabian Sea - J. Goes/Bigelow Lab.
11:30-12:00     Feedback and Action Items - P. Bontempi/NASA HQ


PLEASE NOTE: Rooms (TBD) are available for sidebar meetings for the duration of the meeting.


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