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SST Transition complete for MODIS /Terra

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 3:35 pm America/New_York
by genecarlfeldman
We are happy to announce that the complete MODIS/Terra Sea Surface Temperature data set (11 micron day, 11 micron night, 4 micron night, February 2000 - present) has now been processed as part of the transition of support for SST processing, archive and distribution and is now available via the OceanColor website through updated Level 1 and 2 and Level 3 Browsers including mission-long climatologies at the seasonal, monthly and 8-day time increments:

For example, the 11 micron nightime SST product climatologies can be found at: ... TYP=mtnsst

Processing details can be found online at:

The complete Level-1, 2 archive is now available with the level-3 data products being made available via our web and ftp sites and also via the JPL PO.DAAC POET and the GES DAAC Giovanni interfaces.

We anticipate that both the MODIS/AQUA and MODIS/Terra SST data sets will be reprocessed in the not too distant future to take advantage of some additional algorithm and error field improvements which will result in a slight change in the Level-2 file format while will make it consistent with the files that we are currently providing in support of the GODAE High Resolution SST Pilot Project (GHRSST).

With our very best regards,
The Ocean Biology Processing Group