Announcement: SeaDAS 5.2 now available

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Announcement: SeaDAS 5.2 now available

by obdaac_admin » Mon Mar 31, 2008 5:19 pm America/New_York

Announcement: SeaDAS 5.2 is now available.

IMPORTANT: As of SeaDAS version 5.2, many processing programs have been renamed. If you make use of processing scripts, please be sure to rename any affected SeaDAS programs in these scripts!

Major Changes from SeaDAS 5.1:

* All processing code is now directly synced to the OBPG production system's
code via the Subversion software version control system.

* Many renamed processing programs.

* New processing program versions.

* New l2gen version 5.8.3 (msl12 has been renamed l2gen).

* Added support for IDL 7.0 (includes fix for libX11 issue with newer Linux's).

* Added support for Ubuntu 7.10 Linux.

* Added support for Intel Mac OS X 10.5 (OS X 10.4 is also supported).

* Added support for PowerPC Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 (dropped OS X 10.3 support).

* New SeaDAS directory structure. This directory structure
reorganization includes new locations for the MET/OZONE, OISST, and MODIS
attitude/ephemeris ancillary files. These files are now stored under $SEADAS/var/
(instead of $SEADAS/data/).

* New GeoTIFF output capability.

* Merged ship-track and rline functionality into one IDL GUI function.

* New l2mapgen Unix binary for creating mapped PPM files of L2 products.

* New MODIS L1B browse IDL function (l1brsgen_modis).

* New auto-update script (seawifs_update_elements_orbit.csh) to download the
elements.dat and orbit_table.dat files for SeaWiFS L0->L1A processing.

* New capability for loading and display of OBPG SeaWiFS Level 3 NDVI land
products with navigation information.

* The manual installation and building procedure has been modified, including
use of an identical procedure and Makefiles to those of the OBPG production

* New Aqua and Terra calibration LUTs.


The SeaDAS Development Group


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