SeaDAS Virtual Appliance for Windows now available!

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SeaDAS Virtual Appliance for Windows now available!

by obdaac_admin » Wed Mar 11, 2009 12:46 pm America/New_York

SeaDAS Virtual Appliance for Windows now available!

The SeaDAS Virtual Appliance - SeaDAS VA 5.3b (beta)

The SeaDAS Virtual Appliance allows Microsoft Windows users to run SeaDAS on their systems within a virtual Linux machine. The appliance runs on Windows XP and Vista systems and includes a fully functional version of SeaDAS within a streamlined Linux environment. Installation is extremely simple and requires no knowledge of Linux. One might expect SeaDAS to run much slower in a virtual environment, but we have been pleased to find impressive performance results indicating SeaDAS VA runs nearly as fast as a standard installation.

For those who don't want to have to fuss with installing and administering Linux, this is an easy solution. This virtual appliance was created using VMware and simply requires you to install the free VMware Player, download SeaDAS VA, and you're ready to go! SeaDAS VA comes preinstalled on the JeOS Ubuntu 8.04 Linux system, an efficient variant of Ubuntu configured specifically for virtual appliances. Also for efficiency, the small and fast no-frills IceWM window manager is installed.

Since we are mostly a Unix/Linux shop here, we have only tested this on the few Windows machines that are available to us. So we are asking for your help (and understanding) to test this out as a beta version. Your feedback will help us to further improve the package. We fully expect that there may be some problems on different hardware configurations.

SeaDAS VA download and installation instructions


The SeaDAS Development Group


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