SeaDAS 7.3.1 Released

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SeaDAS 7.3.1 Released

by OB SeaDAS - aynur » Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:31 am America/New_York

SeaDAS 7.3.1 Release Notes
(Release Date: February 24, 2016)

SeaDAS 7.3.1 addes a few new features, and includes changes to existing features and fixes for reported issues.
The science processing code has been updated to reflect changes recently implemented in production, provide bug fixes and support for the R2014.0 reprocessing for SeaWiFS.

System requirements (

Installation instructions (

- WriteImage gpt operator is enabled to generate contour lines from a band/raster that is in a separate file and add it to the target image.
- Added l3gen and l3mapgen help pages.
- Added two "UniversalPalette" color palettes in SeaDAS GUI color manipulation.

- Default string values for SeaDAS data processor GUI elements became all lower cases.

- Fixed finding of global attribute for HICO product reader plugin.
- Corrected an error in initiliazing parameter defaults in SeaDAS GUI for ocssw programs.

Useful Notes

Help Pages
Some of the help pages internal to SeaDAS 7.3.1 have not been revised to match the current version so there can be some wording discrepancies as well as feature description differences. However, we regularly produce video help tutorials ( We feel this to be the best, most functional way to enable the user of SeaDAS to get the most out of the software. In additional we regularly respond to SeaDAS issues on the our user forum ( ... Questions posted on the forum help aid us in determining aspects of SeaDAS which may benefit by refinement, as well as give us ideas for topics to be used in future tutorial videos. Also note that these internal help pages are alos made available at (

Notes on Upgrading your SeaDAS version
If you already have SeaDAS version 7 or higher installed:
In your home directory there is a directory titled '.seadas'. This contains version-specific preferences and defaults. This directory also contains any custom color palettes and rgb-profiles which you may have created. Because of this, a seadas installation will automically move and rename the previous '.seadas' directory putting it in your home directory. When seadas is launched and does not find this '.seadas' directory, it will automically create this directory and initialize it with the package settings and defaults. You can then manually copy any of your custom color palettes and rgb-profiles from the backed up copy of your previous version's '.seadas' directory over into the '.seadas' directory.


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