Downloading GEDI data from results in 302 redirects

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Downloading GEDI data from results in 302 redirects

by cgrotz » Fri Mar 25, 2022 4:45 am America/New_York

I'm trying to download GEDI images form earthdata, but I receive 302 redirects when doing this. I was wondering if I need to do something differently for this server. Here is an example in curl of what I want to achieve
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>"

Would be great if you could give me some pointers, thanks!


LP DAAC - afriesz
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Re: Downloading GEDI data from results in 302 redirects

by LP DAAC - afriesz » Mon Apr 04, 2022 10:11 am America/New_York

@cgrotz ,

I'm still looking into why the 'curl' option is not working. In the meantime, would you be willing to try 'wget' ( instead? I've been able to successfully download your link and the .h5 data link with wget. An example wget call is below:

Code: Select all

You'll want to create a '.netrc' file first with you Earthdata Login username and password and store the file in your home directory (e.g., c:/Users/<User-Name>). The contents in the file should look like this:


Here is a link some additional general info about netrc files:

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