Albedo data

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Albedo data

by EarthdataForumContributor » Tue May 26, 2020 3:16 pm America/New_York

I am checking the albedo data for one location: lat 37.521, long -1.828.

The values are not too bad, but I wonder if they are totally correct or maybe could be better, because of the location is to 25km from the sea. In a previous enquiry (other location), you commented the Nasa grid to check the albedo is 100x 100km. Maybe the grid box in this case could correspond to Mediterranean sea.
Could you support me for the best albedo for my location?

On the other hand, Is there any problem with the albedo data in your web currently? I am trying to get some data but it doesnt' work during more than a week.


ASDC - mcook
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Re: Albedo data

by ASDC - mcook » Tue May 26, 2020 3:19 pm America/New_York

The POWER Team provided the following information.

Users can always tell where their location falls relative to the grid box by using the image services App (brown one) in the tool. After they select a parameter (in this case there is no albedo image service map, but the user could use the downward solar irradiance map) there is a small box marked “grid” towards the bottom. If the user clicks that he’ll get a map of the 1x1 grid boxes. In his case, his location of interest is a mix of land and water (land is a bit over ½ the area). If he chooses one grid box to the west, he’ll slightly higher albedo values which is probably a better estimate, but is more mountainous terrain. The grid box to the north contains a flatter terrain and could also be used. Both of these grid boxes show albedos slightly larger than the grid box of the location, with the largest differences in the winter months. I attach climatology data samples from the each of the grid boxes.

There should be nothing wrong with the server. If the user continues to have issues connecting to the web site and obtaining data, please have the user clear out their browser’s cache and try again

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