Lance NRT Recent naming issues

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Lance NRT Recent naming issues

by » Thu Nov 10, 2022 10:30 am America/New_York


I'm wondering whether this issue is being dealt with. Today I'm experiencing 404 errors because the download link and the actual file are different. An excerpt from the JSON output below:
"archiveSets": 61,
"cksum": "1830997788",
"dataDay": "2022-314 = 2022-11-10",
"downloadsLink": "",
"fileId": 1715334542,
"md5sum": "a9119acd68d796e0366c791bd5b89828",
"mtime": 1668092012,
"name": "MOD00F.A2022314.1420.001.NRT",
"products": "MOD00F",
"resourceType": "File",
"self": "/api/v2/content/details/allData/61/MOD00F/Recent/MOD00F.A2022314.1420.001.NRT",
"size": 396889536
The issue is that 'downloadsLink' is actually not working because the name of the file available is that under 'name'.
Recent/MOD00F.A2022314.1420.20223141453.001.NRT" -> the actual file online is missing the section .20223141453. -> MOD00F.A2022314.1420.001.NRT

Will this be fixed?
Thanks for your help.
Have a great day,


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Re: Lance NRT Recent naming issues

by LAADS_UserServices_M » Wed Nov 16, 2022 1:58 pm America/New_York

Dear Conrad:
The downloads link is correct and does work. I am able to download the file from

It is the other way around, the file named MOD00F.A2022314.1420.001.NRT is displayed on the nrt web page at
but there is actually no file by that name in our system. All of our holdings include the production time (that extra-long number, .20223141453 in this example) so that if reprocessed, you know which version of the file you are getting. The production time is not displayed on the web site because users originally requested that it be left off, because the names got long and hard to read.

So, you should be using the <a href=”…”> URL, not the text name, from the content/archives page. The downloadsLink attribute downloads the file exactly as written.
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