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by shadi7577 » Tue Jan 24, 2023 2:42 am America/New_York

ifgday_matfile = [pwd ‘ifgday.mat’] : Full file path to the mat file containing the
interferogram dates stored as a matrix with name ifgday and size [n_ifgs 2]. The master image is in the first and slave in the second column respectively. Specify dates a numeric value in YYYYMMDD format.

gacos_datapath = [] The full path to your GACOS processing folder.

UTC_sat = [‘HH:MM’] The UTC time of the satellite pass over your study area. It is specified as a string in a two digit hour and two digit minute format “HH:MM”. A colon needs to be included in between!

demfile = [pwd ‘dummy.dem’]
or = [pwd ‘dummy.grd’] The path to the DEM_file. Few options are included: 1) using a “.grd” file, 2) a DEM_file with corresponding DEM_file.rsc file, 3) a DEM file with DEM_file xml file (isce-like). For option 2 the DEM_file.rsc should contain the associated WIDTH, LENGTH, X_STEP (resolution), Y_STEP(-1*resolution), X_FIRST and Y_FIRST (upper left corner of the DEM), and optional the FORMAT. X and Y refer to longitude and latitude. You can use to make you DEM file.

ll_matfile = [pwd ‘ll.mat’] Full file path of the geo-coordinates, stored in
a matrix with size [n_points 2] and in its
columns the longitude and latitude.

Those parameters are from TRAIN manual. Those directories I still need how to find and/or create because I was only using Train’s default APS linear correction that doesn’t require any auxiliary data other than the exported products from snap’s automated pre-processing. I have requested GACOS zenith total delay ZTD maps for the same date and time of Sentinel-1 acquisition which I use for snap-to-stamps processing but I am not sure how to apply the correction using those delay maps.

So, I was hoping if anyone could help me identify what those data that are required for GACOS atmospheric correction and set up TRAIN to apply that correction during/after StaMPS processing


ASF - babottomley
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by ASF - babottomley » Mon Feb 13, 2023 11:56 am America/New_York

TRAIN is no longer actively developed or supported and shouldn't be used. Currently, RAiDER is being developed ( as the next option

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