VIIRS VJ103 geolocation collection 2.1 not in CMR?

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VIIRS VJ103 geolocation collection 2.1 not in CMR?

by colin_c2s » Fri Feb 10, 2023 12:34 pm America/New_York


I have been using the CMR API ( (actually I'm using the Python wrapper for it: to search for VIIRS radiance/reflectance products (VNP02 and VJ102). In order to use these data you need the corresponding geolocation data products (VNP03 and VJ103). From my understanding, Suomi-NPP VIIRS (VNP) is available as collection 2 while JPSS-1 (VJ1) is available as collection 2 and collection 2.1.

I have noticed that when searching with the CMR API, while the collection 2 VJ102 radiance and VJ103 geolocation products are available, when searching for collection 2.1 only the VJ102 products are found and it doesn't seem to show any results for the corresponding 2.1 geolocation files even though they are in fact in the LAADS DAAC 5201 archive folder:

Is this a known issue?



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Re: VIIRS VJ103 geolocation collection 2.1 not in CMR?

by LAADS_UserServices_M » Mon Feb 27, 2023 11:40 am America/New_York

Dear Colin:
There was a permission issue with C2.1 geolocation products which has been resolved so you should start seeing these files soon.
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