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by fernanda.cabello » Fri Mar 03, 2023 1:57 pm America/New_York

Hello everyone,

I downloaded data from CALIOP (Lidar Level 2 Vertical Feature Mask), (VFM), on CALIPSO and used the data between -0.5 to 8.5 km from the Feature Classification Flag data block. I know that the first bit of that block (1166) corresponds to 8.5 km and the last bit to -0.5 km (5515) but I don't know what height the other bits correspond to. Does anyone know what is the height change between each bit ? Thank you!


ASDC - David W.
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Re: Data_Altitude_CALIOP

by ASDC - David W. » Fri Mar 03, 2023 4:51 pm America/New_York

Hi Fernanda Cabello,

The vertical resolution between -0.5 to 8.2 km is 30 meters, according to the references I found below.

See the section "Layout of the Feature Classification Flag data block" on the following link.

See Section 2.7 "Lidar Level 2 Vertical Feature Mask Data Product DP 2.1D" in the following document.

Hope that helps.

David W.
NASA Langley ASDC DAAC Lifecycle

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