Corresponding waveform for selected shots in L2 products

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Corresponding waveform for selected shots in L2 products

by chidi_mma » Fri Jun 02, 2023 11:57 am America/New_York

I am working with L2 V002 products and have been trying to combine the RH metrics with the corresponding waveform for a selected shot following the tutorial on LP DAAC. However, to identify and extract the location of the waveform (using GEDI_L1B Tutorial), I need to extract rx_sample_count, rx_sample_start_index, and rxwaveform. While these labels/group is available in level 1 data, they have been removed in level 2.

The tutorial for L2A V002 has a .csv waveform file for the location used to develop the Python script but not a guide as to the process. My question is what label/group will one use to extract waveforms in level 2A V002?



LP DAAC - dgolon
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Re: Corresponding waveform for selected shots in L2 products

by LP DAAC - dgolon » Mon Jun 05, 2023 4:30 pm America/New_York

Hi @chidi_mma I have passed your question along to our staff that created the GEDI tutorial. We will post when we have more information. Thanks!
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Re: Corresponding waveform for selected shots in L2 products

by LP DAAC - afriesz » Wed Jun 14, 2023 3:52 pm America/New_York

@chidi_mma ,

Could you tell us more about what variables you are planning to work with in the GEDI L2A product? The GEDI L1A data product is the only product with waveform data while the L2A data products contains RH metrics. Getting waveform data for a GEDI shot is a bit involved and indeed requires one to have not just the shot_number, but also the associated rx_sample_count and rx_sample_start_index values. To get the RH metrics from the L2A product, one just needs the shot_number. The shot numbers should be the same between L1A, L2a, and L2B if they are from the same datetime/location.

While looking into this I did notice that our GEDI data resources ( are not a consistent as they should be. We changed the shot number between tutorials, which is not correct. The shot number should be the same across all three GEDI tutorials. We'll make the update to the tutorials.

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