unable to install ocssw on mac

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unable to install ocssw on mac

by skolluru » Wed Aug 23, 2023 10:31 am America/New_York


I installed seadas 8.3.10 for MacOS Ventura 13.5, however when I try to install ocssw processors, it is giving error.
execution exception: java.io.IOException: install_ocssw failed with exit code 127.
Check log for more details.
env: python3: No such file or directory

Below is the system info
Main Application Platform:
Application Version: SeaDAS 8.3.10
SNAP Engine Version:* (SeaDAS Platform modified)
SNAP Desktop Version:* (SeaDAS Platform modified)
SNAP Engine Build Date: 202306140444
SNAP Desktop Build Date: 202306140448
Installation Directory: /Users/Sri/SeaDAS
Data Directory: /Users/Sri/.seadas8
Configuration: /Users/Sri/SeaDAS/etc/snap.properties
VM Configuration: /Users/Sri/SeaDAS/etc/seadas.conf
WARNING!! File '/Users/Sri/SeaDAS/etc/seadas.conf' does not exist
VM Configuration: /Users/Sri/SeaDAS/etc/snap.conf
WARNING!! File '/Users/Sri/SeaDAS/etc/snap.conf' does not exist
VM Configuration (gpt): /Users/Sri/SeaDAS/bin/gpt.vmoptions
VM Configuration (pconvert): /Users/Sri/SeaDAS/bin/pconvert.vmoptions
Runtime Configuration: /Users/Sri/.seadas8/etc/snap.properties
Runtime Configuration (SeaDAS Toolbox): /Users/Sri/.seadas8/etc/seadas.properties
JRE: OpenJDK Runtime Environment 11.0.19+7
JVM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by Eclipse Adoptium
Memory: 4096 MiB
OCSSWROOT (Java Env): null
Python3 Directory:

SeaDAS Toolbox:
SeaDAS Toolbox Version: 1.3.0
SeaDAS Toolbox Build Date: 202306140456
Configuration: /Users/Sri/.seadas8/etc/seadas.properties
OCSSW Root Directory: /Users/Sri/SeaDAS/ocssw
OCSSW Log Directory: /Users/Sri/SeaDAS/bin
OCSSW Location: local
Environment {$OCSSWROOT} (external): null

NASA Science Processing (OCSSW):
WARNING! Cannot find 'seadas_info' in the OCSSW bin directory

General System and Software (from GUI):

Operating System: Mac OS X 13.5
Java Version: 11.0.19


OB SeaDAS - xuanyang02
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Re: unable to install ocssw on mac

by OB SeaDAS - xuanyang02 » Wed Aug 23, 2023 1:30 pm America/New_York

You need Python (3.6 or later) and Python requests package (v2.18.0 or later) for install_ocssw to work. See https://seadas.gsfc.nasa.gov/downloads/

If you plan to run OCSSW on command line, you also need to add two lines to your .bashrc
See Command Line Configuration at the bottom of the download page https://seadas.gsfc.nasa.gov/downloads/

Does your Mac have Intel chip or Apple chip?

Is this Mac the same Mac as in this post? -- viewtopic.php?p=16235#p16221

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