Status of VIIRS Version 2 Vegetation Indices processing

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Status of VIIRS Version 2 Vegetation Indices processing

by valpesendorfer » Fri Nov 03, 2023 4:53 am America/New_York


any chance there's some new info on the status of the VIIRS VI collection 2 (back)processing?

On July 19th a LPDAAC news release ( announced the release for data covering the VNP/VJ1 joint mission period from year 2018 up to the leading edge.

Looking for VNP13A2 on what's available through CMR, I can see that there is a gap in that period (November 2020) and the period prior still being incomplete.

Attached is a calendar plot showing CMR availability for VNP13A2, and a screenshot from earthdata search showing no results for VNP13A2 during November 2020.

Any estimation on when we could expect a fully processed VNP13A2 archive?

vnp13a2_coverage_calendar.png (169.36 KiB) Not viewed yet
earthdata_search_screenshot.PNG (48.03 KiB) Not viewed yet


LP DAAC - lien
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Re: Status of VIIRS Version 2 Vegetation Indices processing

by LP DAAC - lien » Thu Nov 16, 2023 12:10 pm America/New_York

Sorry for the delay. We reached out to the data provider, and the VI processing was allowed to be resumed and they are working there way back and through the gaps. They weren't sure on how long this would take, but the gaps should continually be reduced.

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