SST Transition complete for MODIS /AQUA

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SST Transition complete for MODIS /AQUA

by genecarlfeldman » Wed Mar 01, 2006 2:16 pm America/New_York

We are happy to announce that the complete MODIS/AQUA
data set (11 micron day, 11 micron night, 4 micron night,
July 2002 - present) has been reprocessed as part of
the transition of support for SST processing, archive
and distribution and is now available via the OceanColor
website through updated Level 1 and 2 and Level 3 Browsers.

Processing details can be found online at: (/DOCS/modis_sst/)

This transition is the result of extensive discussions
between NASA Headquarters, the Goddard Ocean Biology
Processing Group (OBPG), the Goddard GES DAAC, NOAA
and MODAPS, the JPL Physical Oceanography DAAC, and the
University of Miami/RSMAS group to develop a strategy to
transition the responsibility for the official processing
The agreement has been structured to maintain the high
quality SST fields that currently result from MODIS
observations and to enhance the fields to support the
GODAE High Resolution SST Pilot Project.

The complete Level-2 archive is now available with the
level-3 data products being made available initially via
our web and ftp sites and then shortly via the JPL PO.DAAC
POET and the GES DAAC Giovanni interfaces.

Please excuse any bumps in the road that you
may experience during this transition and
please feel free to use the OceanColor forum: (/forum/oceancolor/forum/
to ask questions and provide comments.

With our very best regards,
The Ocean Biology Processing Group


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