Ancillary Global O3_AURAOMI and/or MET_NCEP not available.

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Ancillary Global O3_AURAOMI and/or MET_NCEP not available.

by joaofelipecsantos » Mon Jan 15, 2024 10:11 am America/New_York

I am using the ancillary files "N*_O3_AURAOMI_24h.hdf" and the 4 files "N*_MET_NCEP_6h.hdf. I am downloading from the Direct Data access (e.g. These ancillary files were all available until December 31st of 2022. But, for the year 2023 these files are not all available. For example:
- January 1st of 2023: the directory has 4 files of "MET_NCEP_6h.hdf" but does not have the "O3_AURAOMI_24h.hdf" file (
- March 1st of 2023: all ancillary files "N*_MET_NCEP_6h.hdf" and "N*_O3_AURAOMI_24h.hdf" not available (
- March 28th of 2023: the directory does not have the 4 files of "N*_MET_NCEP_6h.hdf" but has the "N*_O3_AURAOMI_24h.hdf" file (
My last access to the links above: January 15th of 2024.

I would like to know if these ancillary files will be available (and when) in the Data Access directory. Or if they are available in another website/directory. Or if they are no more available. Or if these datasets are no more provided (what could I use to replace these files?), etc.
Thank you in advance for the attention and help. Sincerely,


OB ODPS - towens
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Re: Ancillary Global O3_AURAOMI and/or MET_NCEP not available.

by OB ODPS - towens » Tue Jan 16, 2024 9:30 am America/New_York

Since R2022 we have switched to using the NRT GMAO FPIT and Refined MERRA2 products for our ancillary meteorological data.
I continued the NCEP data processing for a year to allow users time to make the transition.
We will no longer be staging the NCEP or Aura OMI data.
The latest NRT MET/OZ:

You can also start using: which is slated to replace GMAO_FP sometime in 2024.

The latest refined:

The refined MET/OZ is released in 1-month batches - typically on the 20th of the following month.


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