CALL FOR PAPERS FOR a Limnology and Oceanography Special Issue

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CALL FOR PAPERS FOR a Limnology and Oceanography Special Issue

by genecarlfeldman » Tue Feb 06, 2007 3:40 pm America/New_York

  Scientific Results from Autonomous and Lagrangian Platforms and Sensors
CALL FOR PAPERS FOR a Limnology and Oceanography Special Issue
Limnology and Oceanography is soliciting papers from all disciplines in
aquatic sciences which are centered on scientific results obtained from
autonomous and Lagrangian platforms and sensors (ALPS). This is an "open"
call to the community for submission of papers for inclusion in this
Special Issue of L&O.
Recent advances in ALPS have been applied to physical, chemical, and
biological studies on a wide range of scales. This class of instruments
facilitates sampling at relevant temporal and spatial scales while
providing the continuous presence needed to capture multiple realizations
of episodic events and characterize longer-term seasonal and inter-annual
changes. Profiling floats, drifters, and autonomous underwater vehicles
(AUVs) including gliders, offer a combination of high-resolution spatial
coverage, vertical sampling through the water column and extended (days to
years) deployments that cannot be easily achieved with other technologies.
Novel applications of these new observational capabilities exploit the
combination of spatial coverage and continuous presence to advance
understanding of physical, chemical, and biological processes. As ALPS
technologies mature they have transitioned from specialized
engineering/science teams to mainstream applications supporting the larger
scientific community. Results from early science missions are now becoming
available, making this an excellent time to review how ALPS technologies
have been applied to address compelling science questions and present
advances in understanding that have resulted from these efforts.

Contributions are welcome in all disciplines in the aquatic sciences,
including topics such as current structures, heat/salt flux,
ocean-atmosphere interaction, shelf exchange, geophysics, biogeochemistry,
particle flux, nutrient distribution, eutrophication, productivity, deep
sea geochemistry, biological dynamics, plankton structure and interaction,
harmful algae, bio-acoustics, animal migration, and deep sea biota.
Interdisciplinary studies enabled by ALPS and numerical modeling studies
using ALPS are also welcome.

We anticipate publication of 20-25 papers in this Special Issue. The first
step for being included in this number is to submit a 1-page abstract
(double-spaced, 12 point font) of your proposed manuscript to the L&O
Editor in Chief by MARCH 15, 2007. Submitters will be notified of the
outcome of the selection process by APRIL 15, 2007 and final manuscripts
will be due no later than SEPTEMBER 1, 2007. An invitation to submit a
manuscript in no way guarantees acceptance; all submissions will be
subject to the same rigorous peer review process as manuscripts submitted
for publication in regular issues of Limnology and Oceanography.

All publication costs for this Special Issue will be covered, including
Free Access Publication (the entire issue will be freely available online
to maximize dissemination).

Anyone having questions about this Special Issue is urged to contact one
of the Special Issue organizers (Mark Moline and Mary Jane Perry) or the
guest editors (Tommy Dickey and Eric C. Itsweire).
Contact information:
Mary Jane Perry
Professor of Marine Sciences
Ira C. Darling Marine Center
University of Maine
193 Clark's Cove Road
Walpole ME 04573-3307
Voice: (207) 563-3146 ext. 245


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