SeaWiFS Reprocessing 5.2

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SeaWiFS Reprocessing 5.2

by bryanfranz » Thu Jul 12, 2007 3:54 pm America/New_York

The binning of all the standard SeaWiFS ocean color products has now been completed (daily - climatologies) and all data products are available via the OceanColor web. The documentation for this effort can be found at: ... WiFS/R5.2/

As is described in the link above, the scaling for the standard mapped image files (SMI) was changed from 8 to 16 bit not only for the reprocessed SeaWiFS data but also for the forward stream of Aqua and Terra products. After the SeaWiFS PAR and LAND products are completed, we will be rebinning/remapping the MODIS Terra and Aqua products, to re-establish format consistency across the missions.

If you are using any non-OBPG software to read the MODIS or SeaWiFS SMI files, you may need to modify your codes to handle the 8-bit to 16-bit change.


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