GEDI Version 2 Migrates to Earthdata Cloud

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GEDI Version 2 Migrates to Earthdata Cloud

by LP DAAC - jwilson » Thu Mar 07, 2024 2:51 pm America/New_York

The LP DAAC has migrated GEDI Version 2 Level 1B Geolocated Waveform (GEDI01_B), Level 2A Elevation and Height Metrics (GEDI02_A), and Level 2B Canopy Cover and Vertical Profile Metrics (GEDI02_B) data products to the NASA Earthdata Cloud. The NASA Earthdata Cloud is NASA’s cloud-based archive of Earth observations hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This migration allows for continued download of data files via HTTPS in Earthdata Search and offers a new option for working with these data in the cloud via Simple Storage Service (S3) direct access.

GEDI data products distributed from NASA’s Earthdata Cloud have a different LP DAAC provider and data product concept_ids. The LP DAAC will be updating scripts and tutorials from the LPDAAC_ECS provider to the LPCLOUD provider along with the concept_id updates listed below. Users will need to change their scripts accordingly.

GEDI01_B.002 from “C1908344278-LPDAAC_ECS” to “C2142749196-LPCLOUD”
GEDI02_A.002 from “C1908348134-LPDAAC_ECS” to “C2142771958-LPCLOUD"
GEDI02_B.002 from “C1908350066-LPDAAC_ECS” to “C2142776747-LPCLOUD"
GEDI on-premises data will also remain available through the Data Pool and NASA’s Earthdata Search. Earthdata Search will host on-premises data and cloud data concurrently while scripts, tutorials, and layer/variable subsetting services are updated for the cloud.

The subsetting capability will be implemented in Earthdata Search later this year to provide options for variable and spatial subsetting of GEDI Version 2 data in the cloud.

In the meantime, GEDI subsetting services remain available in Earthdata Search Client for the on-premises data. Utilize the LPDAAC_ECS concept ID associated with the desired GEDI product above to continue using GEDI subsetting services until the subsetting capability is enabled for the Earthdata Cloud-based GEDI collections.

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