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Re: SeaDAS Spectrum View

by OB SeaDAS - knowles » Mon May 20, 2024 11:48 am America/New_York

The 'Spectral Wavelength' property needs to be set for all the spectral bands in order to generate a Spectrum View plot. SeaDAS populates this field automatically for level-2 and level3 OB.DAAC files.

SeaDAS doesn't auto-populate the "Spectral Wavelength" field based on band grouping or for generic files.

Regarding your suggestion of using the band grouping to auto-populate the spectral wavelength, since SeaDAS supports so many products, and polarimeters group by "view angle" and "spectral wavelength", it would be difficult to reliably infer "spectral wavelength" based on a users specified band grouping. Band groupings do need require having a wavelength. Band groupings could be for a single product grouped across a multitude of algorithms.

The Spectrum View tool is driven by the field "Spectral Wavelength" and then fine-tunes this into separate plots using the band grouping.


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