MODIS-aqua L2 PIC R2022.0 validation

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MODIS-aqua L2 PIC R2022.0 validation

by glastirmep » Thu Jun 13, 2024 12:16 pm America/New_York

I have a question about the validation of reprocessed MODIS-aqua L2 PIC, described in and When compared with in situ measurements, is the value of the central pixel (i.e. the pixel that encloses it) or the mean value of a 3x3 or 5x5 ... centered at the pixel enclosing the in situ location? Is the validation processed published?
Additionally, I've read casandra21 questions about PIC Algorithm (viewtopic.php?t=3851) and it's mentioned that the PIC algorithm is specifically attuned to the light scattering and reflective properties of coccolithophorids and coccoliths; could you point me to any scientific paper where that's explained?
Thank you very much


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