OB.DAAC EarthData Login / Notice to data subscription users

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OB.DAAC EarthData Login / Notice to data subscription users

by OB.DAAC - SeanBailey » Fri Jan 20, 2017 7:33 pm America/New_York

The OB.DAAC's transition to using EarthData Login for all user registration needs has been completed.  We appreciate your patience as we resolved a few issues that cropped up during the transition.  Notice to Data Subscription Users With this transition, all future subscriptions will be associated with the email address registered with EarthData Login.Existing subscriptions will continue regardless of the email address used at the time the subscription was created, however these subscriptions will not be automatically associated with your EarthData account if the address used differs from the one used to create the subscription.  You may want to link existing subscriptions to your EarthData account to allow you to manage these subscriptions.To do so, please send an email to subscription-update@oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov with as much of the following information as possible:   
1) subscription ID(s)   
2) the email address used to create the subscription  
3) your old OceanColor Web account username   
4) and (most importantly!) your current (EarthData Login) email address.



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