SeaWiFS Ocean Color Reprocessing 2018.0

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SeaWiFS Ocean Color Reprocessing 2018.0

by bryanfranz » Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:43 pm America/New_York

The Ocean Biology Processing Group has initiated a reprocessing of SeaWiFS ocean color. 
The only change is to the recently revised MOBY radiometry into the vicarious calibration. 
The impact is minor, as the changes to MOBY are relatively small in the SeaWiFS era. 

For more details see: ... 8/seawifs/                                               

The reprocessing of 13 years of SeaWiFS global (GAC) products will likely take only a day or two. 

Reprocessing of the LAC will follow.

Best Regards, Bryan Franz and the Ocean Biology Processing Group


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