SST vs Chlorophyll and glint

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SST vs Chlorophyll and glint

by woodbri » Tue Jun 09, 2020 11:52 am America/New_York

Thanks for all the support! I think I have it working for MODIS now.

For VIIRS SNPP, should I use the same strategy of adding suite=??? when extracting data? like:

For OC:
l2gen suite=OC l2prod=chlor_a,Kd_490
l2bin l3bprod=chlor_a,Kd_490
l3mapgen product=Kd_490
l3mapgen product=chlor_a

For True color:
l2gen suite=OC l2prod=rhos_vvv
l2bin suite=SFREFL l3bprod=rhos_486,rhos_551,rhos_671
l3mapgen suite=SFREFL

For SST:
l2gen suite=SST l2prod=sst,qual_sst
l2bin suite=SST l3prod=sst
l3mapgen suite=SST product=sst


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SST vs Chlorophyll and glint

by OB.DAAC - SeanBailey » Sat Jun 13, 2020 12:46 pm America/New_York

All the sensors we support use the same suite logic, so yes, it'll work for VIIRS-SNPP.


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