l1brsgen image output

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l1brsgen image output

by mshatley » Mon Jan 09, 2017 2:24 pm America/New_York

I'm trying to use l1brsgen to create an image of Level-1B data. When I run the command:
l1brsgen ifile=A2016364180500.L1B_LAC geofile=A2016364180500.GEO ofile=A2016364180500.rgb subsamp=1 atmocor=1 resolution=1000
the command completes, but when I view the output file outside of SeaDas I do not see the expected rgb variable(in earlier versions of OCSSW this was in the output).

Is there a different syntax I need to use for the command to have the image output as a variable?

Output of l1brsgen command:
$ ncdump -h A2016364180500.rgb
netcdf A2016364180500.rgb {
        Number of Scans = 2030 ;
        Pixels per Scan = 1354 ;
        short longitude(Number of Scans, Pixels per Scan) ;
                longitude:slope = 0.0055555557f ;
                longitude:intercept = 0.f ;
        short latitude(Number of Scans, Pixels per Scan) ;
                latitude:slope = 0.0027777778f ;
                latitude:intercept = 0.f ;
// global attributes:
                :Product Name = "A2016364180500.rgb.hdf" ;

... output cut ...



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l1brsgen image output

by OB.DAAC - SeanBailey » Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:28 pm America/New_York

Add output_depth=24bit to get 24bit RGB output.  The default is an HDF file with the data stored as an 8bit raster image.

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