Reprocessing R2018.0 for SNPP/VIIRS

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Reprocessing R2018.0 for SNPP/VIIRS

by bryanfranz » Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:12 pm America/New_York

NASA Ocean Color Data Users:

As previously noted, the Ocean Biology Processing Group has initiated theocean color reprocessing of SNPP/VIIRS.  Details of the reprocessing changesand impact are posted here: As of now, all forward stream production has been switched to the R2018processing configuration.  Following verification, it is anticipated that theretrospective data for VIIRS ocean color will cease to be accessible from ourservers beginning sometime tomorrow (12/1), until such time as the dataproducts are regenerated with the R2018 processing configuration.  It isexpected that this full mission reprocessing will take approximately one weekto complete.

Best Regards,
Bryan Franz and the Ocean Biology Processing Group


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