oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov taking too long to respond - issue

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oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov taking too long to respond - issue

by ksharsun » Tue Dec 18, 2018 1:14 am America/New_York

I am downloading modis L1A for the period of 02 to 07 Jan and june2017,to make global binned images. While downloading data continuously,  NASA ocean color shows following error. From the forum discussion of others, I understood that the IP address may be blocked automatically.

Error message:
The connection has timed out 

The server at oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov is taking too long to respond.

IP address : xx.xxx.xx.xx
Broadcast address: xx.xxx.xx.xx
So please solve this issue. And make it possible to download remaining images.


OB.DAAC - SeanBailey
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oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov taking too long to respond - issue

by OB.DAAC - SeanBailey » Tue Dec 18, 2018 9:42 am America/New_York

Please send an email to connection_problems@oceancolor.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov with your external IP address as described in the following post:

The xx.xxx.xx.xx address is your private network address, not the address from which you access external websites


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