comand l2gen error: No such file or directory

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comand l2gen error: No such file or directory

by lwk1542 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 8:45 am America/New_York

harris@ubuntu:~$ l2gen,ifile="/home/quzhou/PycharmProjects/modis/MOD021KM.A2008094.0230.061.2017255063942.hdf",geofile="/home/quzhou/PycharmProjects/modis/MOD03.A2008094.0230.061.2017255024925.hdf",ofile="/home/quzhou/PycharmProjects/modis/Tmodis.HDF"
bash: l2gen,ifile=/home/quzhou/PycharmProjects/modis/MOD021KM.A2008094.0230.061.2017255063942.hdf,geofile=/home/quzhou/PycharmProjects/modis/MOD03.A2008094.0230.061.2017255024925.hdf,ofile=/home/quzhou/PycharmProjects/modis/Tmodis.HDF: No such file or directory

the ifile and geofile exist.

if I execute l2gen in MODIS file folder:
(base) quzhou@ubuntu:~/PycharmProjects/modis$ l2gen,ifile="MOD021KM.A2008094.0230.061.2017255063942.hdf",geofile="MOD03.A2008094.0230.061.2017255024925.hdf",ofile='T2008094023000.L2_LAC_OC'
l2gen,ifile=MOD021KM.A2008094.0230.061.2017255063942.hdf,geofile=MOD03.A2008094.0230.061.2017255024925.hdf,ofile=T2008094023000.L2_LAC_OC: command not found

However, "l2gen -h"  is a valid command


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comand l2gen error: No such file or directory

by gnwiii » Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:08 pm America/New_York

The bash shell uses spaces rather than commas to separate command-line arguments, so just edit your command line to replace the commas with spaces.

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