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What is the processing flow for VIIRS for L0 -> L1 -> L2 -> l2bin -> l3mapgen

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2020 11:07 am America/New_York
by woodbri
Just for completeness, here are a few more points that might help someone else:

1. for SNPP SST you need to add "proc_sst=1" to the command line to get it to generate SST output like:
   l2gen ifile=$ geofile=$ ofile=$ l2prod=sst par=$ resolution=$res_num proc_sst=1

2. it is also useful to note that SNPP and JPSS1 satellites have different rhos_XXX sensors
   SNPP: rhos_410, rhos_443, rhos_486, rhos_551, rhos_671
   JPSS: rhos_411, rhos_445, rhos_489, rhos_556, rhos_667
because you will need the last three of these to generate the true color image.