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Update to Aqua/MODIS outage - 18 August 2020

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2020 8:18 pm America/New_York
by genecarlfeldman
Subject: Update from the lance-modis group regarding the Aqua MODIS Anomaly

On Aug 16, 2020 Aqua experienced an anomaly with the Formatter-Multiplexer Unit (FMU) and Aqua L0, both NRT MYD00S and forward processing MODPML0, has quality issues causing production of five minute L0 MYD00F granules with file size about 1% of normal size. Since the anomaly at 09:26:49 UTC, several attempts have been made to correct this but the data corruption persists. The health/telemetry is being monitored by the Instrument Operations Team.

Aqua MODIS data processing at NRT and MODAPS is on hold until further notice.

For additional details refer to: ... cases_data&