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Validation search in SEABASS with user input lat/lon/time

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 10:42 pm America/New_York
by tihicha

Is there a way on the SeaBASS website to do a validation search in the following ways:
1) User inputs a set of lat/lon/time values (where their in-situ data is) and system returns all satellite Rrs values matched (or another satellite value, say POC), controlling the criteria as in the existing Validation Search.
2) Perform the Validation Search as it is set up now on the site, using SeaBASS in-situ data, but also return the satellite Rrs, not just the satellite derived variable such as POC. user may wish to apply their own algorithms for validation, i.e. the matched up satellite Rrs is needed.

Many thanks!

Validation search in SEABASS with user input lat/lon/time

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2020 11:12 am America/New_York
by OB SeaBASS - cwproctor

Regarding 1) Yes, you can constrain your search as you described, if I understand your question correctly. The Validation Search form includes lat/lon/time options which allow you to focus on results within your specified constraints. You will also need to check all the “Products” boxes (near the bottom of the search form) that you are interested in. One satellite sensor must also be specified. When you’re ready to search, I recommend clicking the small button on the right side of the “Perform Validation Search” button, as that will open the results in a new tab and preserve your options in the original tab, allowing you to go back and tweak them if you wish.

However, please note that the validation search operates only on data that the SeaBASS team has post-processed (QA/QC, water-leaving calculations, and other intermediary steps) and there are many datasets in the File Search that haven't been post-processed yet. We’re working on some major updates to bolster our validation to include more recent measurements.

FYI, you might also be interested in the standalone match-up tools our group has produced that are part of the occsw code available by installing SeaDAS. The “find matchup” tool can take a SeaBASS data file (e.g., one from the File Search, or one you create) and retrieve a list of coincident ocean color satellite file names (for example, the level 2 files), and another “make matchup” script can process those files and extract validation data virtually identically to our standard match-up procedures.

Regarding 2) Great minds think alike. :wink: Yes, we already offer that feature and you'll find that the satellite Rrs should be included in the downloaded results file for every product (POC, etc.)