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older file, not all att or eph files returned

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2020 11:46 am America/New_York
by oo_processing
I have three older files sucessfully  processed NRT and I am reprocessing. The three files are having issues either returning a second att or eph file. See below: -d /work/b/bmurch/tmp/S4P_MODIS_H5_MODISA.C_ATLANTIC.2020.329_version_0.10_LVcaIGpj/MOD00.P2020329.1740.C_ATLANTIC_FULL.L1A_LAC     

returns (missing second att file):                                           
$par_entry: a1=/shares/cms_optics/apps/seadas/seadas-7.5.3/ocssw/var/anc/2020/329/PM1ATTNR.P2020329.1600.003                                                                                                               
$par_entry: e1=/shares/cms_optics/apps/seadas/seadas-7.5.3/ocssw/var/anc/2020/329/PM1EPHND_NRT.A2020329.1735.061                                                                                                           
$par_entry: e2=/shares/cms_optics/apps/seadas/seadas-7.5.3/ocssw/var/anc/2020/329/PM1EPHND_NRT.A2020329.1740.061 -d /work/b/bmurch/tmp/S4P_MODIS_H5_MODISA.SAMOA.2020.329_version_0.10_jHmFqStz/MOD00.P2020329.1200.SAMOA_FULL.L1A_LAC      

returns (missing second eph file):
$par_entry: a1=/shares/cms_optics/apps/seadas/seadas-7.5.3/ocssw/var/anc/2020/329/PM1ATTNR.P2020329.1000.003                                                                                                               
$par_entry: a2=/shares/cms_optics/apps/seadas/seadas-7.5.3/ocssw/var/anc/2020/329/PM1ATTNR.P2020329.1200.003                                                                                                               
$par_entry: e1=/shares/cms_optics/apps/seadas/seadas-7.5.3/ocssw/var/anc/2020/328/PM1EPHND.P2020328.1200.003

Please advise.

older file, not all att or eph files returned

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2020 12:01 pm America/New_York
by OB ODPS - jgwilding

In the first case, the returned ATT file is a refined one with 2-hr coverage. With a 5-min granule starting at 1740, it's all you need.  The NRT files, both ATT and EPH, provide 5-min coverage, so you always need two of those when they are used.  The refined EPH for Aqua are delivered once a day and provide 24-hr coverage.

In your second example, two ATT files are needed because the granule start time lines up with the ATT start time (12:00).  It also aligns with the EPH start time, so you need two of those as well. The second refined EPH file should have been returned.  We archived the file on Nov 25.  Not sure why that's not getting returned.  We'll have to look into that.



older file, not all att or eph files returned

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2020 10:48 am America/New_York
by oo_processing

FYI, these failures disappeared over night on an automatic reprocessing restart.
I don't know why or exactly when, except that the jobs went through finally.