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help blocked ip

Posted: Fri Mar 12, 2021 11:05 am America/New_York
by igmant01
Hello NASA,

My name is ZZ from china.

Currently, we are involved in a project that requires gnss data.

We have been using gnss data for some time and we did not have any issue. However, I think recently we have done too many requests, and you haveĀ blockedĀ our IP to prevent overcalling.

Could you remove the block on IP addresses? And in which situation you will block our ip ?

Thank you for your time.


Re: help blocked ip

Posted: Tue Mar 23, 2021 11:50 am America/New_York
by CDDIS_support_Lori

CDDIS is not blocking your IP addresses. Please check with your internet provider.

CDDIS User Services