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IP blocked

Posted: Thu Jul 08, 2021 3:39 am America/New_York
by igmant01
Hello NASA,

Currently, we are involved in a project that requires gnss data.

We have been using gnss data for some time and we did not have any issue. However, I think recently we have done too many requests, and you haveĀ blockedĀ our IP to prevent overcalling.

Could you remove the block [XXX.XXX.XX.*] ? And in which situation you will block our ip?

Thank you for your time.


Re: IP blocked

Posted: Sun Jul 11, 2021 8:29 am America/New_York
by igmant01
Anyone can help me? THANH YOU

Re: IP blocked

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2021 12:32 pm America/New_York
by CDDIS_support_Lori
Hello ZZ,

CDDIS is not blocking any IPs in the range you provided. Please check with your local internet provider.

CDDIS Support