Issue adding masks to L3 SeaDAS images

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Issue adding masks to L3 SeaDAS images

by miradynf » Tue Jul 20, 2021 11:03 am America/New_York


I'm a high school student using SeaDAS 8.1.0 to process L3 Modis-Aqua images. I was able to open the images I downloaded, but whenever I try to create land and coastline masks the program freezes with a window that says "computing masks". I'm unable to quit SeaDAS or restart the program, and the issue has persisted even when I restarted my computer. Is there any way to solve this?



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Re: Issue adding masks to L3 SeaDAS images

by gnwiii » Tue Jul 20, 2021 8:00 pm America/New_York

You need to provide enough detail so others can reproduce the problem. In particular, please let us know your platform details (Windows, Linux, or macOS; OS version; amount of RAM; native install or virtual machine).

All these OS's have tools that allow you to view details of running processes to determine why SeaDAS is freezing, but without knowing the OS we can't provide much help.

SeaDAS 8 is a Java application. Most processing in Java is not actually performed until the result is needed. Some calculations require downloading data, so can stall if the system does not have a good internet connection. There have been similar reports of linux systems hanging when data reside on an external drive that does not use a Linux filesystem.

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Re: Issue adding masks to L3 SeaDAS images

by OB SeaDAS - xuanyang02 » Wed Jul 21, 2021 3:22 pm America/New_York

You could try increasing your virtual memory available to SeaDAS 8.1.0 by
changing the -Xmx option in the <seadas-install-dir>/etc/seadas.conf file (in the line that begins with 'default_options'). Currently it is 4096M. Try 8196M or 16392M.

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