Sentinel-2 A & B

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Sentinel-2 A & B

by avmehta » Tue Apr 05, 2022 3:09 pm America/New_York

I have a couple of questions about l2gen options for processing MSI data from Sentinel 2A and 2B.

In the output messages I see the following statements (not sure why it says it is an OLCI file!):
" Found Sentinel-2A product: SENTINEL-2 MSI Level-1C User Product
Input file is an OLCI file."

Loading user parameters for MSIS2A
Internal data compression requested at compression level: 4
Reading Thuillier_F0.dat
Input file: MSI Level-1C
proj_create_operation_factory_context: Cannot find proj.db
pj_obj_create: Cannot find proj.db
pj_obj_create: Cannot find proj.db

1) Is there a recommendation for what to use for aer_opt? I have used aer_opt=-2.
I get the following error if I use aer_opt=-9:
Aerosol selection bands 865 and 1613
Aerosol selection bands -1 and -1 not available for this sensor

Error: latBand.getProduct().getSceneRasterWidth() < 2 ||
latBand.getProduct().getSceneRasterHeight() < 2
2) Based on some information I saw in the Forum I use the following for Sentinel2A processing
Is this OK? So for Sentinel-2B should I use 2164 for cloud_wave?
3) Are there any suggestions for the following?
aer_wave_short, aer_wave_long
aer_swir_short, aer_swir_long

Thank you for your help.



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