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GES DISC decommissioning of AMSR-E Root Zone Soil Moisture Data Product

Posted: Thu May 05, 2022 4:32 pm America/New_York
by GES DISC - jimacker
The Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer-E (AMSR-E)/Aqua root zone soil moisture Level 3 1 day 25 km x 25 km descending and 2-Layer Palmer Water Balance Model V001 product (LPRM_AMSRE_D_RZSM3) dataset from June 2002 through December 2010 will be decommissioned on June 27, 2022 and removed from the GES DISC system.

More information, including suggestions for alternative data products, can be found in the alert message Removal of Product LPRM_AMSRE_D_RZSM3_001 on June 27, 2022.