Common data access problems and solutions at the GES DISC

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Common data access problems and solutions at the GES DISC

by GES DISC - jimacker » Wed Aug 17, 2022 2:39 pm America/New_York

Listed below are some of the common data access problems that users have reported, along with our best solutions for these problems.

1. The user reports they cannot access our data because they have not registered with Earthdata.
The GES DISC responds by sending the detailed instructions on how to register and receive authorization to access GES DISC data provided here.
2. In July, a user is attempting to download July’s MERRA-2 data and data are not available. (The same situation may occur for TRMM, IMERG, and GLDAS)
The GES DISC responds with this explanation: "The latency of the MERRA-2 [or the other datasets] data depends on the operation group's work schedules and government holidays. The data are typically available approximately three weeks after the end of the month, though it can be sooner. In most months, these data become available between the 20th and 25th of the following month.
3. A user reports that they cannot download the data when they have received the following error: Concurrent connection limit reached".
The GES DISC responds with the following message: "The system may issue 'service temporarily unavailable' for more than one concurrent connection in certain circumstances. At this time we ask that you limit your concurrent connections."
4. A user tells us they are having problems downloading data using wget.
The first response from the GES DISC is to send them the data access link, which has detailed instructions for wget on both Windows and Mac at the top.
5. User feedback provides the Giovanni Error Report "Workflow failed (We were unable to find any data matching your criteria) is all filled values"
The GES DISC initially sends this message: "When the data consists of only fill values, no plot can be generated for the data. We recommend trying your search for a different area to see if it works."
6. Working with Giovanni, a user receives the following error: "Sorry. The current number of time steps (92 days) exceeds the maximum (4) we can process for the selected plot. Try reducing your date range or logging in. (If you log in, this limit on the number of allowed time steps will be removed.)"
The GES DISC requests that the user first logs in with their Earthdata Login and tries their Giovanni analysis request again.


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