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LP DAAC Data Pool Access

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2022 3:17 pm America/New_York
by LP DAAC - dgolon
The LP DAAC completed significant maintenance activities during the month of the July that caused issues for some users trying to access the LP DAAC’s Data Pool. Recently the LP DAAC has implemented several performance improvements to resolve these issues. At this time, we are seeing fully restored access to the Data Pool. If you are trying to access the LP DAAC Data Pool and are receiving a 400 error, please clear your cache, delete any USGS related cookies, and try to access the Data Pool again. If you are still having data access issues related to the Data Pool please contact the LP DAAC’s user services team at

The LP DAAC is also aware of a 401 Authorization Error that some users are receiving when using DAAC2Disk or certain scripts. We are looking into this issue.

Thank you for your patience,