How do I get VIIRS M15 raw data?

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How do I get VIIRS M15 raw data?

by capnbob0618 » Fri Sep 23, 2022 2:22 pm America/New_York

Hello - I'm interested in getting time-series data of the VIIRS M15 band (LWIR), but I'm having trouble figuring out how to locate it. Most of the datasets I see are not labeled by band but rather by the type of data they're providing (e.g. reflectance). Any help is much appreciated, thank you!


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Re: How do I get VIIRS M15 raw data?

by LAADS_UserServices_M » Tue Oct 11, 2022 8:56 am America/New_York

Sorry for a delay in response. The data you are looking for are available from VNP02MOD from S-NPP/VIIRS or VJ102MOD from NOAA20/VIIRS. You can find information about these products, including users guides at:

You can search and order these data from LAADS DAAC at:
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